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Mini Etching Pen, Rotary Tool for Wood, Plastic, Metal

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Engraves almost any surface in seconds; metal, plastic, glass, wood, leather, jewellery etc.Safe and easy to use, you will love personalizing keepsakes and valuables, such an easy way to protect your valuables. Now you can easily identify valuable appliances and equipment. 
Decorate gifts or trophies with everlasting messages. Personalize your sporting gear, children's toys, tools, and so on. Hold the engrave like a pencil with your thumb over the control button. Used to inscribe almost any metal, wood, glass or plastic material. Engrave any surface almost in seconds!

Length: 17.5cm
Diameter: 2.9cm
Colour: Blue and White
Battery Required: Powered by 2x AA batteries (not included).

✔️Note: Please wear protective eye-wear when engraving and wash hands immediately after use. It is not recommended that you engrave electronic media such as CD's or DVD's etc. because engraving directly onto these materials may cause irretrievable damage the media.

✔️How to Use:
1. Unscrew the bottom of the EZ Engraver Pen and Insert 2x AA Alkaline Batteries (Non-Included).
2. Hold the EZ Engraver like a normal pen.
3. Hold the power button down with your thumb as you engrave the surface.
4. Ensure light pressure is always applied and the unit is held at a slight angle.
5. To turn off the engraver pen remove your thumb from the power button.

✔️Package Contents:
1 x Engraving Pen
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