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Ultraviolet Shoe Dryer. Violet Light. Shoe Heater, Sterilizer, Deodorant, Dehumidify, Drying Device.

Plug Type

Shoe Dryer
Model Number: SD14
Power (W): 10w
Voltage (V): 220V
Feature 1: Electric Shoe Dryer
Feature 2: Ultraviolet Shoe Dryer
Feature 3: Ultraviolet Drier for Shoes
Voltage: 220v
Shoe Warmer: Shoe Warmer
Boot Glove Dryer: Boot Glove Dryer
Violet Light Shoe Heater : Violet Light Shoe Heater
Shoe Deodorant: Shoe Deodorant
Dehumidify Drying Device: Dehumidify Drying Device for Shoe
Ultraviolet Sterilizer Dryer: Ultraviolet Sterilizer Dryer.


Name: Ultraviolet  shoes dryer

Material: plastic and metal
Voltage: 220v 50Hz
Power: 10w
Color: yellow and purple
Warm-up time : 5min
Using temperature:65-80 degree
Function: deodorisation, sterilisation, shoes warming and drying
Suitable shoes:leather shoes, cloth shoes, cotton shoes, rain boot, trainers, sneakers etc.



1.  Ultraviolet s hoe dryer is good at drying, eliminating bad odour and sanitizing shoes. Protecting your shoes from humidity.

2.It always eliminates odors caused by sweat and bacteria and prevents the growth of mold.

3.Leaves your Shoes, Boots, Gloves and Hats comfortably dry for their next use.

4.It heats the shoes and s ki boot to around  360 degree.

5.Precise temperature control, to prevent over heating.



1.Please place damp shoes into this shoes cabinet dryer.

2.Slight damp shoes may take up to one hour to dry, and for wet shoes, it will take up more than three hours, otherwise you can leave the wet shoes in overnight for drying.

3.Fits in most types of footwear; will not damage fragile materials, fits easily into carry-on luggage.





1. Do not pull the power cord directly.

2. Please pay attention to the ventilation when drying, do not dry shoes in a multiple layer.

3. When you find only one drier is working, stop using it immediately.

4. Please placed this product on the ground away from any flammable materials!


Package includes :

1 x  Electric Shoe Dryer


We will send you a suitable plug according to your country. Thank you.