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Acupressure Massager Stress Relief Mat

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Acupressure Massager Cushion.
Pain Relieve Spike Yoga Mat with Pillow 

  • Our Acupressure mat measures 74cm x 43cm x 2cm.  The acupressure spikes are equally placed across the mat to ensure even and balanced pressure.  Its size targets your entire back, allowing you to treat upper or lower back pain.
  • The Acupressure Mat works in a similar way to the ancient art of acupuncture, stimulating energy, vitality and a sense of well being in the body.  Simply lay on the mat for 20-30 mins a day and feel the benefit!
  • The gentle, painless pressure of the mat allows the body to relax and release endorphins, creating pranic flow or life force within the body.  At first, if it is too intense, wear a t shirt and work up to using it on your bare skin.  The acupressure mat is fantastic to use before sleep, slowly calming your body as you wind down at the end of your day.
  • When using the mat you will feel a sense of elation inviting happiness, energy and calm into your day.
  • Can be used on the floor, on the sofa, on your bed, even for your tired achey feet to stand on!  Our mat even works on your neck by simply rolling it into a pillow!


Using your Acupressure Mat for maximum benefit, lie on the mat for 20-40 minutes several times a week. It can be complimentary to a mediation/yoga practice. The mat will feel comfortable to lie on so take the time to find the right position for you.

You may also wish to experiment with lying on a towel until you find the right level of sensation. The spikes have a rounded tip, so can't hurt you, however people with sensitive skin, haemophilia or psoriasis should use the mat with caution.

The Acupressure Mat will allow your body to start breaking down toxins so please do remember to drink water after use. Using your Acupressure Mat couldn’t be easier.

Do not be apprehensive as the round plastic spikes are painless and will create a gentle stimulation. Here are some tips and positions to help you get the most out of your mat while remaining comfortable:
Acupressure Massager Stress Relief Mat
Standing – Energizing for the whole body. Standing Barefoot on the Mat simulates an enjoyable reflexology session. Build yourself up to lifting one leg and enjoying the energizing sensations on the foot in contact on the mat. Change legs and repeat.

Upper Back Lying on the Mat. Allow your shoulder blades in drop down your back towards your tailbone and melt into the mat. Enjoy the feelings of the muscles in the back being stimulated and releasing.

Pillow – Face, Jaw and Neck Fold the mat and use as a pillow, avoiding contact with the eye. A rare treat for the over worked and often neglected muscles of the face and jaw.

Package Includes:
Product ID:32955430998
1 x Massage Cushion 
1 x Massage Pillow
1 x Storage Bag

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