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Sourcing the best and most useful products from around the world, many unavailable in local stores, and with free shipping and big savings. Here you can sit back and at your leisure browse through the heaps of items on offer, add your desired product to your shopping cart and then checkout through our secure online gateway.

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A recent survey reports 76% of the UK population are dog lovers. It’s the other 24% that I worry about.

We Love K9s

Why not visit our specialty store that concentrates solely upon what you need for your dog. 
We Love

Stock items consist of:
Dog behaviour and training tools, dog toys, car accessories for dogs, dog collars, dog harnesses, dog leads/leash, dog vitamins, gates, ramps, dog beds, dog crates, pooper scoopers and bags, dog costumes, dog shirts, dog jackets, dog trousers and even shoes for dogs!